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Serbian highlight walking tour along Danube river (10 days/9 nights)

newOn this tour you will walk beside Danube River on its banks and through meadows. One part of  your trip will be beside main roads, but that will not disturb your impression about this tour. You will enjoy in nature of Special Protected Areas and National Park Fruska gora and in culture and tradition of people who live on this areas. Come and join us!



Day 1. Belgrade - Bački Monoštor (B) (cca 190 km)
The journey starts in Bački Monoštor, door of Special Nature Reserve Upper Danube. We will organize transfer with minivan to Bački Monoštor. Accommodation in private houses in Bački Monoštor. You can spend your day in Bački Monoštor. Take a walk and explore this beautiful village. Dinner on chard. Overnight stay. 


Day 2. Bački Monoštor - Bezdan - Bački Monoštor (BD) (cca 20 km)
After breakfast, we will take you through Upper Danube Special Reserve. From Bački Monoštor to Bezdan you have approximate 9 km. Bački Monoštor someone call European Amazon because of dense and old forests of Special Nature Reserve that surround this village. This Reserve is located along Danube River and in this village live small ethnic group of people that called Šokci.  The road to Bezdan is good and you will enjoy in beautiful landscape. In Bezdan you can visit Eko Ucionica that is charda, but with a special atmosphere. This village is populated with Hungarians and in one of the chards you shouldn’t miss to taste smoked bream. You will ride on river bank on the road that isn’t asphalted but nature is great. From Bezdan, we will transfer you with minivan to Bački Monoštor. Dinner and overnight stay.

Day 3. Bački Monoštor - Bač – Bačka Palanka (BL) (cca 90 km, walking path – cca 20 km)
After breakfast, we will transfer you by minivan to Karavukovo from where will start your walking tour. First stop will be Bac (Bač), where we will see the fortress and the Franciscan monastery. Throughout history Bac (Bač) was Avar fortress, a royal city and seat of the diocese. Here we will have lunch in salas farm. After lunch, we will transfer you to Bačka Palanka where will be your accommodation for this day. Overnight stay.


Day 4. Bačka Palanka - Čelarevo - Gložan- Futog - Novi Sad (BD) (cca 45 km, walking path – cca 20 km)
Departure to Čelarevo by minivan, after breakfast. In Čelarevo, we suggest to visit the Museum of beer (Carlsberg). From Čelarevo, we will continue by walk to village Gložan, you will meet Slovak culture. Our road will continue through Begeč. Along Danube to Futog you will walk on river bank, but road is very good here. In the afternoon hours, arrival in Novi Sad from the most beautiful side of Danube River. Accommodation. Dinner in local restaurant. Overnight stay. 


Day 5. Novi Sad (BD) (cca 15 km)
After breakfast, sightseeing tour of Novi Sad and Petrovaradin Fortress. Three and a half hour sightseeing of Novi Sad and the Petrovaradin fortress by bus and on foot. During the tour we will see the Name of Mary Church, Zmaj Jovina Street, pedestrian area of Novi Sad, Patriarch's Palace, the Cathedral Church, the Dunavska Street and the Dunavski Park... We will cross over one of the bridges in the city by bus, and visit Petrovaradin fortress, "the Gibraltar of the Danube". This is one of the many fortresses on the Danube, where numerous galleries and artists’ studios can be seen. Continue to Sremski Karlovci, small baroque town on Danube shore, sightseeing of the city and visit a treasury along with Orthodox church. In wine cellar in this city you will taste best wines from Fruska gora slopes. In the afternoon hours, return to Novi Sad where you will have free time and oportunity to visit some of the museums of the city: Novi Sad City Museum, Museum of Vojvodina, some of the galleries (Paul Beljanski Memorial Collection, Gallery of Matica Serbian...). In the evening hours, dinner on salas farm near Novi Sad with authentic athmopshere and cuisine. Overnight stay.


Day 6. Novi Sad – Belgrade (BD) (cca 90 km)
Transfer from Novi Sad to Belgrade, through Fruska gora mountain. Here we will visit one of our 16 Orthodox monastery and make a picnic in the nature. In the late afternoon hours, arrival in Belgrade. Sightseeing of the city: Kalemegdan fortress, park, Knez Mihajlova Street, main pedestrian zone, St. Sava Temple… Dinner in local restaurant. Overnight stay.


Day 7. Belgrade - Avala – Smederevo -  Kovin - Ram - Srebrno Jezero (BLD) (cca 120 km)
After breakfast, departure to Avala. Avala is situated 15 km from Belgrade and with its peak at 511 m above sea level is recommended for outings to  all nature lovers. Lunch in one of restaurants on our way. Trip to  Ram Fortress. We will take a farryboat across the Danube River. You will be enchanted Bayezid II built Ram in 1483, following completion of the nearby town of Kuliča. Today, the fortress is a symbol of Serbia’s rich culture and history. Arrival on Srebrno jezero (Silver lake), dinner at the restaurant  and overnight stay in private villas.


Day 8. Srebrno jezero – Veliko Gradište – Monastery Tumane – Golubac - Dobra – Lepenski Vir - Donji Milanovac (BLD) (cca 80 km)
After breakfast,  we will take to short sightseeing tours of Veliko Gradište. Departure to Tumane monastery, situated 10 km from Golubac in beautiful and unpolluted natural environment where peace and silence are disturbed only by Tumanska River. Further, we will visit Golubac, one of the best preserved medieval fortified cities in Serbia. It is located on a rocky slope, at the very entrance to Djerdap gorge, and its lowest part just out into the Danube. Stop for sightseeing. On 25th kilometer downstream from Golubac, near antic locality Castrum Nova, Dobra village, as place of clean and unpolluted nature, can be reached by Iron Gate main road. Here one can see many items from previous centuries: cradle, traditional costume, carpets, dishes and pottery, crude rugs… We will organize traditional lunch in this village, where you will degustate traditional homemade specialties. Follows departure to Lepenski Vir, a series of Mesolithic villages located on a high sandy terrace of the Danube River. Continuing of the tour along the Danube toward Donji Milanovac and visiting „Open Air Gallery“ on Djerdap Lake. Dinner in a beautiful enviroment and gethering with the naive sculptor, the host. You will try specialties of Vlachs cuisine:  breaded nettle, Đerdap corn bread, goat cheese with dill, lamb and pork meat roasted on a stick...delicious. You will have a chance to prepare brandy (rakija) and enjoy in its flavor. Free time for leisure on this beautiful eko-ethno complex, with amazing view on our strongest river – Danube River. Overnight stay in pensions.


Day 9. Donji Milanovac – Rajkova cave - Majdanpek – Crnajka - Donji Mailanovac (BLD) (cca 50 km)
After breakfast, your local host will take you on one exciting hiking tour. The hiking trails of Đerdap do not require hiking equipment. The slopes ranging from 5 to 20 percent on these trails are easy negotiated. You will walk through path Kovilovo. We will take you around 10km in car, enjoing in untouched nature. After driving, follows nice easy walk, in duration about half hour. On this way we will follow a small river, see rock’s layers from the earliest time. After short brake, we will take a time to drive to Rajkova cave, a protected speleological locality, which along with its surrounding represents a geo-park in eastern Serbia, in the vicinity of the town of Majdanpek. You will have oportunity to enjoy in gold washing with a man who done the same thing in Australian rivers. Visiting of Majdanpek, famous for its mine. We will see Valja Prerast ("Plain Natural Bridge"). Traditional lunch in household in village Crnajka where you will try homemade specialties and rakija. Sightseeing tour and trip to Donji Milanovac. Dinner and overnight stay in Donji Milanovac.


Day 10. Donji Milanovac - Belgrade (B) (cca 200 km)
After breakfast, transfer to the Belgrade on your flight back home. The end of the program.


Price per person in EUR in double room (minimum 10 persons): 599 eur
Supplement for single room: 70 eur per person
Supplement for half board: 140 eur per person
Supplement for full board: 230 eur per person


Price includes:
- Transfer per program
- Accommodation on BB base in 3* hotels and private pensions
- Germaine speaking guide during the tour


Price doesn’t include:
- Flight to/from Belgrade
- Drinks during meals
- Other costs not mentioned in the program