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Different experience in 8 days (8 days / 7 nights)

In this version of our 8-days program we want to show you beautiful shapes made by nature, to show you our candidate for the seven wonders of the world. We are going to show you caves and wells like you have never seen before, and to relax your mind and spirit wit wellness and spa programs. Visit the different and unique museums and galleries.


Day 1. Čenej – Novi Sad (cca 20km)
Arrival to one of the many salas farms on Cenej where we recommend you to taste traditional local specialties and to enjoy in typical atmosphere of Vojvodina region and beautiful sound of musical instrument „tambura“. If you come earlier to the salas, you can enjoy horse riding or in rich programme in entertainment for children. After dinner, departure to Novi Sad, capital city of Vojvodina region, with the architecture in Austro-Hungarian style. Accommodation in apartment in the centrer of the city. After, we recommend you to take a short evening walk or a drink in one of the many cafes in the pedestrian zone in the center.


Novi Sad

Sremski Karlovci

Fruska Gora


Day 2. Novi Sad – Sremski Karlovci – Fruska Gora – Belgrade (cca 95km)
After the breakfast we recommend you sightseeing of the town, walk in pedestrian zone (Sloboda Square, Cathedral, City Hall, Zmaj Jovina Street, Dunavska Street, Orthodox Church) or visit one of the museums. After that, across the river, visit to the Petrovaradin fortress – famous as Gibraltar on the Danube, represents a classical example of military architecture of the XVIII century with the most beautiful view on Novi Sad. We recommend you to take a tour in underground system of military galleries, with profesional guide. Departure to Sremski Karlovci - small baroque town, famous for its beautiful architecture and wine and grape from the nearby vineyard on the brows of the Fruska Gora Mountain. City sightseeing and wine tasting in one of the many wine cellars in Karlovci town. Short break for the lunch, we recommend you a restaurant „Danube“ on the river. Departure to Fruska Gora. Visit to monastery Krusedol one of the 15 monasteries on the Fruska Gora mountain. Because of that fact, Fruska Gora is known as „Sveta Fruska Gora“ by the reputation of Sveta Gora on the Athos in Greece. This monastery was established by Bishop Maksim (Djordje Brankovic) in XVI century and presents one of the most beautiful monasteries on Fruska Gora. We recommend you to visit ethno – house in Maradik, house that is old about 150 years and where the authentic exhibits, between 50 and 200 years old, are kept. Departure to Belgrade and accommodation in apartment. We recommend evening dinner accompanied by musicians at the famous bohemian Belgrade quarter of Skadarlija that emanates an oriental atmosphere, and to those who want to experience a real Balkan night life, we recommend cafes on the river in Belgrade and Zemun. Return to hotel. Overnight.


Petrovaradin fortress

Kalemegdan fortress


Day 3. Belgrade
A day in Belgrade, capital city of Serbia. Walking sightseeing of Belgrade - Kalemegdan fortress - primary bulit by Celts in the III century BC with the ZOO, Republica Square, Knez Mihailova Street - main pedestrian zone with cafes and shops, Terazije, St. Sava's temple - the biggest orthodox church in the world, Parliament, St. Mark’s church, open markets... Visit the “House of flowers”, grave of long standing president of former Yugoslavia – Tito. Dinner in one of the many restaurants in the city, overnight.



Wineyard in Topola


Day 4. Belgrade - Topola – Oplenac – Topola - Orasac – Visevac – Markovac (cca 160km)
Departure to historical town Topola. Visit to military museum, church, commemorative school and fountain which represents a memorial compound of buildings proclaimed for the protected cultural wealth. Visit to Oplenac, the hill above Topola. Picturesque landscapes with endless clearings, valleys in the heart of Serbia which used to be holiday resorts and the place where the Serbian kings of the Karadjordjevic Dynasty had their resorts. In the beutiful church of St.George all the members of the royal family are buried – Karadjordjevic mausoleum. Departure to Orasac, the historical place where the First Serbian Uprising against the Turks was held. After, we organise you lunch in a rural household called „vajat“ in authentic local ambient with beautiful view on this region of Serbia called Shumadija. Atmosphere. great food and a typical Serbian drink called „rakija“ along with the serbian folk music will bring you back to the Serbia from XIX century. Visit to Visevac, birthplace of the first ruler of modern Serbia, Karadjordje. Departure and accommodation in Markovac. Overnight.


Monastery Ravanica

Resavska cave

Waterfall Lisina


Day 5. Markovac – Monestery Manasija – Resavska cave – Waterfall Lisina – Brestovacka spa (cca 155km)
Departure to monastery Manasija from XV century, endowment of despot Stefan Lazarevic, one of the most significant monuments of medieval Serbian culture. On your way to Resavska cave, we recommend you to visit waterfall Lisina, the highest waterfall in Serbia, 20 m high. With his beauty and wildness is a realy breath-taking scenery. 10 km from waterfall, Resavska cave is situated. One of the most beautiful caves in Serbia. You have a chance to walk in some 800 m long path through the cave on two levels and to see most beautiful examples of the cave forms and halls. Departure and a visit to monastery Ravanica from XIV century, endowment of Serbian prince Lazar where he was buried following his death in the battle of Kosovo. Since then, Ravanica has been a pilgrim's destination and an important center of cultural activities and the Serbian people's assembliesse. Short journey to Brestovačka spa, as well known as “King’s spa”. Accommodation and overnight.


Bor lake


Nis "Cele kula"


Day 6. Brestovacka spa – Bor – Gamzigrad – Zajecar – Nis (cca 225km)
Departure to mining town called Bor, city known by former strongest mining industry in the country. Short sightseeing of the city and a view at the mining pits. Departure to Gamzigrad. Visit to the Roman complex called "Felix Romuliana", one of the most important late Roman sites in Europe, located in the vicinity of Gamzigrad spa. Felix Romuliana is from last year, under protection of UNESCO. Archaeological diggings in the fortress have unearthed the remains of a palace with exceptionally fine mosaics, public baths and impressive city gates. Departure to Zaječar and then to Nis. Visit to the fortress and the monument of Saban Bajramovic, worldwide famous Balkan gypsy jazz king. One of the most attractive sights in Nis presents Mediana, that was a royal property with luxurious residence and highly organized economy, placed in the suburb of the antique Nis – Naissus. It is the birth place of the Roman emperor, Constantine the Great. Return to Nis, overnight.


Day 7. Nis – Prolom spa (cca 90km)
Sightseeing of the Nis, city in the very center of the Balkan peninsula. The city is built on the shore of Nisava river. Visit to the most important sights and to Nis fortress, a complex and very important cultural and historical monument - an edifice that dominates the urban nucleus of the city. There you can take a short break or a coffee in some of the cafes in the fortress or take a ride in little tourist train through the complex. Visit to the national Museum and to „Cele Kula“, a monument built of skulles of the people of Serbia during the times under the Turks. Departure to Prolom spa. Relaxation and enjoying in wellness and spa programs, overnight.


Prolom Spa

Devil's Town

Caricin grad

Day 8. Prolom spa – Devil’s Town – Caricin grad (Queens town) – Lebane - Leskovac (cca 75km)
Departure to south. You have the oportunity to visit one natural phenomena the Dewils Town, place with unusual name and appearance. Visit to this nature site, famous for 2 rare phenomena: earthen figure - specific relief forms with different shapes, that grows, reduces, disappears and grows again; and after two springs of mineral water with high mineralisation. These two rare natural phenomenas, makes the Dewil Town the real World nature miracle. It is a candidate for the list of Seven Wonders of the World. Departure and a visit to Caricin grad (Queens town) – one of the biggest and most significant Byzantine cities of central Balkan, endowment of Byzantine emperor Justinian. This town was raised in Byzantine province Ilirik, where the Byzantine emperor Justinian was born. Departure to Lebane, where you can see interesting architecture and old handcrafts shops and old cafes, and Leskovac. Leskovac is town known to it’s famous “pljeskavica” and other gourmand grilled specialties. Sightseeing of the town and enjoying in the spirit of the orient in the life and architecture, typical for southern parts of Serbia.


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