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Treatment of Multiple sclerosis in Serbian spas

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As nowhere else in Europe, Serbian soil is rich in various thermal and mineral waters. The curative properties of some of some of the sources were recognized by the old Romans so the tradition of some of Serbian spas is dating from that period. The specificity of these mineral waters are different curative properties that facilitate rehabilitation and treatment of various diseases. In many spas, many diseases can be treated such as bone diseases, blood pressure, neurological, gynecological and other diseases. However, one of these spas is especially known by its thermal mineral properties: water rich with macro and micro chemical and radioactive elements in the low, medicinal concentrations, dissolved (in ionic form) that is easily absorbed through the skin into deeper tissues, with a temperature of 27 -31 C. Such characteristics provide ideal conditions for healing and recovery of patients with neurological and rheumatic diseases, gastrointestinal tract and blood vessels and specific results are achieved in the rehabilitation of Multiple Sclerosis by which that spa is unique in Europe.


    Specific results are obtained in the rehabilitation of Multiple Sclerosis in Atomic Spa. The research, led by the Institute of Neurology, Clinical Centre of Serbia, which was conducted on patients with this disease, who had been in rehabilitation in 2010, published during the study to be presented at numerous international congresses of neurology in 2011. The study shows remarkable effects of rehabilitation patients. Other neurologic diseases such as hemyplegia, hemiparesys, a condition after the stroke, Parkinson's disease, cerebral palsy, polyneuropathy went up rehabilitate this institution.

Complete balneophysical treatment is carried out in therapeutic blocks that are equipped with the latest medical equipment, and includes: hydrotherapy, kinesitherapy, electrotherapy and manual massage. High quality medical services that contribute to educated staff consisting of specialists from several medical fields (physiatrists, neurologists, rheumatologists and internists), physical therapists, nurses and other staff. Water temperature allows people with cardiovascular disease may, under medical supervision, use the rehabilitation treatments.


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Atomic Spa is the first privatized spas in Serbia which was two years ago completely renovated and in July 2011 it opens a new facility where will be under one roof new accommodation facilities and other medical services. Clinic for Rehabilitation includes several buildings with a total of 122 accommodation units and 277 beds. The facilities are modern buildings, according to needs of the most demanding guest, with single, double rooms and suites. Kindness and care for each guest contribute to a pleasant stay in this institution.. It is situated in one small village in central Serbia, 130 km from Belgrade. Surrounded by forests and meadows that offer the possibility of staying in a preserved nature, and in half-day and whole day trip you can visit some of the major tourist attractions in Serbia.


Price for accommodation with full medical service for 20 days, depende of the season, are from 79 € per person/per day to 86 € per person/per day. Price include: transfer from airport to the spa, accommodation in a double room full board, medical treatment according to the program, all local taxes, insurance and tax services. Special treatment for Multiplex sclerosis are hydrotherapy (hydromassage in the bath, passive bath, pearl bath), kinesiotherapy (group and individual exercises), manual massage (partial, whole body). Package includes 3-5 therapy per a day.


Za uvećanu fotografiju, klikni na sliku. Za uvećanu fotografiju, klikni na sliku.