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point Where Danube meets Balkan 8 days / 7 nights - price 437 €


Guaranteed departures 2013 (every Friday from July till August):

    • 02.04-09.04.2013.
    • 07.05-14.05.2013.
    • 04.06-11.06.2013.
    • 02.07-09.07.2013.
    • 06.08-13.08.2013.
    • 03.09-10.09.2013.
    • 01.10-08.10.2013.

Guaranteed departures 2014 (every Friday from July till August):

    • 01.04-08.04.2014.


For all tours guidance is with English, Germain and Spanish speaking guide

Belgrade – Village Krcedin - Monastery Krusedol - Sremski Karlovci - Novi Sad - Belgrade


Belgrade - Kalemegdan Novi Sad- Petrovaradin Fortress


point Celebration of Milan’s Edict in Serbia 10 days / 9 nights - price 364 €

Guaranteed departure: 03.10-12.10.2013.

By declaration of Milan’s Edict, in the year of 313. by Emperor Constantine it was made religious equality and stop the persecution of Christians, which lasted 300 years. Emperor Constantine was born in Naissus (ancient Niš), which will be the place where main cellebration will be held. In period between 17.01-28.10.2013., beside Niš, on the teritory of whole Serbia different manifestations will be held, but main event will be held on 06.10.2013. in Niš. On this day catolic church will organize liturgy where we excpect more than 100.000 people.

We suggest that before participation on this main cellebration, you come to Serbia and meet other archeological sites from Roman period, taste local cuisine and return in ancient times. Come and join us! Read more...



point Bicycle tour along the Danube in Serbia - tour 7 days - price from 249 €

Guaranteed departure: Every Friday from July till August

Program is suitable for individuals. We will provide maps, brochures and suggestion of places where you could eat and buy staff while you are in Serbia.

Serbs enjoy life and they welcome tourists with unimaginable hospitality. In the rural north of the country you will certainly ride your bike with the friendly people while you passing along Danube shore in Serbia. Read more...



Wine roads of Vojvodina - (9 days/8 nights) - price 869 €

Guaranteed departures: 11.05-19.05.2013.; 14.09-22.09.2013.; 09.05-18.05.2014. & 13.09-21.09.2014.

Discover some of the most incredible wines, stroll through grape vineyards and feel the taste odf sunny day in Vojvodina. This tour is best choice if hedonism is unfailing part of your life. Read more...


Wine roads of Vojvodina Wine roads of Vojvodina Wine roads of Vojvodina  Wine roads of Vojvodina



Multicultural tour of Vojvodina - Wealth of Diversity, (10 days/9 nights) - price from 849€

Guaranteed departure: 27.04-06.05.2013.; 24.08-02.09.2013.; 26.04-05.05.2014. & 23.08-01.09.2014.

There are more than 25 different ethnic communities livin in Vojvodina today, with six languages in official use. Nowhere in Europe are there so many different people living in such a small region as here. Meet them and in enjoy in their diversity of culture, gastronomy and music. Read more...


Multicultural tour of Vojvodina Multicultural tour of Vojvodina Multicultural tour of Vojvodina Multicultural tour of Vojvodina



point Bike and walking tour in Stara Planina - tour 5 days - price from 249 €

Guaranteed departures: 14.07-18.07.2014.

“Heart full of beauty " Combined trekking and bike tour on Old Mountain



point Following Sultan trails, walking tour - 18 days / 17 nights - price 648 €

Guaranteed departures: 02.04-19.04.2014. & 06.08-23.08.2014.

Program for hiking in Vojvodina, Serbia