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The Great Adventure in Montenegro - 15 days / 14 nights

During the course of these 15 days of unforgettable experiences in nature, you will gaze at every part of Montenegro's awe-inspiring mountains, raft through the most spectacular canyon in Europe, marvel at beautiful glacial lakes, walk through hills and along the coast of the Adriatic sea, cruise on Lake Skadar, the largest lake on Balkan, see the Gulf of Kotor, the most southern fiord in Europe and swim in sea caves.


You'll pick herbs, try wild strawberries and blueberries, catch fish and prepare them for dinner, admire flocks of sheep scattered over mountain grasslands and talk to welcoming shepherds and fishermen. You'll enjoy local specialties and, if you wish, listen to the sounds of national instruments by the fireplace and sleep in traditional mountain huts, tents and private boarding houses. From the menu we recommend: Kačamak, Cicvara, Popara, meat specialties especially lamb, home-made grilled sausages, cheese, cream, sour milk and much more.


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1.day Podgorica - Kolasin (D) (cca 65 km)
Arrive at Podgorica. On the way to Kolašin a visit to the monastery on Morača, which dates from 1252, one of the most important monasteries in this region. Transfer to Kolašin.


2. day Kolasin - Bjelasica (B,D) (cca 50 km)
Komovi, Lisa, Ključ
Breakfast. After breakfast, transfer by jeep (30 km) along the upper stream of the Tara River to the mountain ridge of Trešnjevik; from the mountain of Komovi via the mountains of Lisa and Ključ, we go to Bjelasica Mountain. We'll pass by katuns (traditional mountain huts) at Štavno, which is 1750 m above sea level. During our stay in the mountains, walking at heights of between 1800 to 2100 meters, we'll take you through the green fields of Bjelasica Mountain, past katuns and the beautiful landscapes of the National Park of Biogradska Gora; we'll climb to mountain peaks with beautiful panoramic views over highlands and glacial lakes. Arrive to the katun, where we'll overnight. It is 1750 m above sea level, right next to Biogradska Gora National Park, one of the last primary forests in Europe. The walking distance is about 20 km, a challenging but not exhausting walk. Duration about 5 hours, height about 300 m. Overnight in ecological katun on Bjelasica Mountain.



3. day The Peaks of Troglava - Zekova glava - Crna glava (2139m Above sea level) - Ursulovacko lake and Pesicka lake(BD) (cca 70)
Breakfast. The second day involves a walking tour in the opposite direction. Over the mountain top of Zekova Glava (Rabbit Head), we'll go down to Pešića Lake (1838 m) followed by a walk to the highest mountain top on Bjelasica - Crna Glava (Black Head) (2137m), picking wild fruit and visiting ancient katuns. In these old dwellings it is possible to get a feel for the life of our ancestors. Length 20 km, duration 5-7 hours, height 300 m. Overnight in ecological katun on Bjelasica mountain.


4. day Bjelasica - Biograd lake (BD) (cca 210 km )
Breakfast. Going over the hill of Ogorela Glava (Roasted Head) (1.960 m) we'll get to the observation point at Medjedak, with one of the most magnificent views over Biograd Lake and the National Park, and from there through primary forest to Biograd Lake (1093 m) and a picnic. At the lake it is possible to rent boats, go swimming or have a one-hour walk.
Length 15 km, duration 4 hours, height 900 m. The walk is downhill so not tiring. Organized luggage transfer is included in the price.



5. day Biograd lake - Durmitor mountain (B D) (cca 90 km)
Breakfast. After a short rest or morning walk around the lake, we depart towards the small town of Žabljak (1456 m). This is the starting point of Durmitor, which is the highest mountain in Montenegro and under UNESCO protection due to its natural heritage. It is surrounded by the rivers of Piva, Komarnica and Tara. The Tara has carved out the deepest and largest canyon in Europe, at the foot of Durmitor. Driving along this canyon, there will be a stop on the bridge of Djurdjevića Tara, We will walk around the Crno Jezero (Black Lake) (1418 m). This lake is the pearl of Durmitor, being the second largest mountain lake in Montenegro, nestled under the peak of Medjed (Big Bear) and surrounded by thick conifer woods. We can walk to one of the observation points with amazing views over the Tara Canyon and Obzir Mountain. Along the way, we can pick wild strawberries and blueberries. Dinner is beside the lake with regional specialties.


6. day Durmitor mountain - Crno jezero (Black lake) Ledena Pecina (Ice Cave) (BD) (cca 40 km)
Breakfast. Walk to Zminje Lake (Snake Lake) and Crvene Stene (Red Rock). Walk through the woods, beside Crno Lake, at 1470 m above sea level, to the mountain peak of Medjed (2280 m). Here there is a beautiful view over the lakes and an opportunity for swimming. Walking duration about 6 hours. Overnight on Durmitor in a hotel or in well-equipped mountain huts.



7. day Durmitor (BD) (cca 40 km)
Option 1: Transfer from Žabljak to Šarban Spring (23 km), one of the springs of Komarnica River. Ascend the mountain ridge, Zeleni Vir (Green Swirl) (2028 m), where there is also a small lake. From here continue to the observation point at Velika Previja (Big Ridge) and afterwards on to Škrčki Pogled (Škrčki View) and finally to Bobotov Peak, Durmitor's highest peak at 2522 m above sea level. This path has a height distance of 817 m, and is 5 km long, and takes 3 hours. Return is possible over the Big Ridge, Valoviti Do (Wave Valley) and the Ice Cave to Black Lake (5 hours and 30 minutes, height distance 1100 m, length 9 km). This is a very popular group tour for people in good physical condition, but there are also many paths for more recreational walks.

Option 2: Walk to Black Lake (1417 m) over Mioć Field (1560 m), the peaks of Struga (1919 m), from Small Bear (2170) to Big Bear (2288 m) a height distance of 871 m, duration of ascent 3 ¼ hours, return 3 ½ hours. This is an exhausting tour which lasts 7 ½ hours through conifer and mixed wood; this option is good if it is hot.




Day 8. Durmitor Mountain - Šcepan Polje valley: (BD) (cca 60 km )
Breakfast. An exciting jeep-ride over the largest mountain ridge on Durmitor, about 33 km long. The drive lasts up to 3 hours, depending on the number of stops for photos of amazing views. It is possible to make it longer; from Todorov Do we can walk to Škrčka Lake and come back over Prutaš. Height distance is 570 m, the tour lasts about 5 hours and the path is moderately tiring. The most beautiful panoramic view is from the peak of Pruštaš (2393 m). This is one of the most beautiful tours on Durmitor. On our way, we'll pass by lakes, such as Stožina, then we'll climb to the Sedlo (Saddle) then pass through valleys and green fields. We'll take a short break in a local pub. We'll go through a tunnel and at the end of it there is an awe-inspiring view over Pivsko Lake. For part of the way we'll be driving along the lake, and afterwards through the canyon of the Piva River, all the way to Šćepan Polje. Here we'll spend the night in tents. Dinner is trout, straight from the river. (For those who don't eat fish, there is lamb).



Day 9. Rafting on the Tara river (BD)
Breakfast. For most of our guests this day is the most exciting, with plenty of adrenaline. Jeeps take us to the place where the rafting begins. All participants receive diving equipment (not for diving, but because the water temperature is about 10 degrees even during summer and it is more comfortable) and a lifebelt. It is possible to raft along the Tara for over 90 km, but we'll raft only along the last 20 km, which is the most interesting part where there are many small waterfalls and rapids. Participants also get sculls and actively take part in the rafting. We'll scream on fast rapids and take short breaks at the best spots for taking photos, on beautiful small beaches, beside camps. One more night under canvas listening to the magnificent sounds of two rivers. Overnight in tents. Jeep-ride is included in the price of rafting.



Day 10. Valley Scepan Polje - Cetinje - Ivanova Korita(Or hotel Podbare above Budva) (BD) (cca 50km)
Breakfast. A return through the Piva River canyon enjoying beautiful sights. We'll have a break at the 220 m high dam that was once the highest in Europe, and afterwards continue on to Ostrog for a walk from the Lower to the Upper Monastery. The monastery at Ostrog is the largest in this part of the Balkans, not only for orthodox but also for other faiths. Afterwards we'll continue on to the former metropolis of Montenegro, the museum town which was the capital of Montenegro up until the end of the Second World War. From 1440 the history of the entire Montenegrin nation can be understood through the history of this town. Sightseeing at Cetinje Monastery, Biljarda (Billiard Court), the Castle of King Nikola, the Government Hall and the Art Museum. Overnight at a hotel in Ivanova Korita (1255 m ) or at Hotel Podbare above Budva. Bus transfer needed.



Day 11. Ivanova Korita - Lovcen mountain - NjegusiI (900 m) (B D) (cca 50 km)
Breakfast. A walking tour through a mixed region of wood and rocks all the way to the top of Lovćen Mountain, where Petar II Petrović Njegoš is buried, who was a Montenegrin ruler, politician, bishop and poet, and is considered by most Montenegrins to be one of the wisest and most admirable of man. This is the highest mausoleum in the world, built at 1660 m above sea level. Departure to valley of Njeguško polje, where are particular climate conditions due to the join of the mountain and the Mediterranaen climate. After this magnificent observation point we'll go down to the valley of Njeguško Polje, where there are particular climactic conditions due to the meeting of the mountain and the Mediterranean climate. Because of this the best cattle are bred here and famous smoked ham is made from them. First, a visit to the local houses of Njegoš where the process of producing quality ham will be explained. There will be a tasting of this smoked ham and cheese with a glass of home-made honey brandy in a typical household. Afterwards dinner at a traditional restaurant and the sounds of the gusle - a Montenegrin instrument.



Day 12. Ivanova korita -The Gulf of Kotor (BD) (cca 55km)
Breakfast. Today there is a chance to take beautiful photos of Boka Kotorska, the most southern European fiord. From Ivanova Korita we'll go down through ridges, rocks and woods to Kotor, along the old caravan road, over the famous Lovćen bends (23 km or by cutting over Krstac Ridge and Djerinski Peaks and Jezerski Vrh, only 5 km in length. The duration of this shortcut is 3 1/2 hours, with a height of 957 m). Afterwards a break in Kotor, sightseeing in the Old Town and free time. The afternoon is for swimming, bathing, lying on the beach or a boat cruise to the island of Gospa od Škrpjela, the pearl of the bay. Dinner at Stari Mlini, the most beautiful restaurant on the Montenegrin coast. It's a bit expensive, but it just can't be missed! Return by bus to Ivanova Korita for the night.


Day 13. Rijeka Crnojevica - Vir pazar (BD) (cca 25 km)
Breakfast.Transfer from Vir Pazar and depart for Lake Skadar, the largest lake in the Balkans. The lake has IBA status (a region of international importance for birds) and since 1995 it has been registered on the Ramsar list (Wetlands of International Importance). There are cultural relics at many archeological spots, forts, mediaeval churches and monasteries as well as old roads and water-mills and fishing villages. There will be a boat trip on the lake and a healthy snack and wine at a private house. Afterwards, we return on foot over the mountain path. In the evening, depart for the village of Rijeka Crnojevića, once an important trade center and cross-roads in this part of the Balkans. Dinner at a restaurant on the coast; traditional fish soup.


Day 14. Vir Pazar - Podgorica (BD) (cca 30 km)
Breakfast. Departure to Vranjine (303 m above sea level), the biggest natural watch tower in the lake. The path goes by the monastery of Vranjina which can also be visited. The duration of the walk is 1 hour. Afterwards depart for Podgorica. Accommodation at a hotel. Free time. In the evening a walk through the city-center and a farewell dinner at a restaurant. Overnight at Podgorica


Day 15. Podgorica (B) (cca 30 km)
Breakfast- Transfer from hotel to airport.


Great adventure in MontenegroPrice includes:

  • Transfers according to the program (sometimes by bus, jeep or, for short drives, by taxi)
  • 1x HB in private boarding-house Kolašin
  • 2x HB in katuns on Bjelasica
  • 1x HB in mountain hut in NP Biogradska Gora
  • 3 x HB in hotel on Žabljak, 2x HB tents on Tara
  • 3x HB Ivanova Korita (or Podbare above Budva)
  • 1x HB in Vir Pazar or Rijeka Crnojevića
  • 1x HB in hotel in Podgorica
  • 1x HB on Lake Skadar
  • Rafting on Tara River plus equipment
  • Boat cruise on Lake Skadar
  • Entrance fee (national Park Biogradska gora, Lovcen and mausoleum, Cetinje) (19 EUR)
  • Local guides on mountain paths
  • Permanent guide, group retainer


Price does not include:

  • flight to / from Belgrade
  • other costs not offered in this Programme


(B) = Breakfast
(L) = Lunch
(D)= Dinner