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Magelan Corporation - Awards

2008. Award “Tourist flower” from Tourist Organization of Serbia for the best agency in 2007


2008. award "Kapetan Miša Anastasijevic" to director Biljana Marceta for most successful business woman, Regional Chamber Of Commerce Novi Sad


2007. Award “Touristic star” - Club of business journalists of Serbia award for creativity, new projects and new ideas


2007. Award "Turistička slagalica" (Tourist puzzle) for best tourist agency in the area of manifestation toursim


2006. Grand tourist award of Republic of Serbia "Beli andjeo" (The White Angel) Award, by Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Service and TOS (Tourism Organisation of Serbia) for application of modern technologies in tourism


2005. Vojvodina Chamber of Commerce and Industry award


2004. "Turisticka prizma" for new quality in tourism, Novi Sad


2003. LORIST - Novi Sad Fair award


2002. Belgrade Fair award for best fair stand


1998. LORIST - Novi Sad Fair award


1997. LORIST - Novi Sad Fair award



Nagrada Beli Andjeo - Magelan 2006